Commercial vs Theatrical Headshots Los Angeles: Difference and Uses

People often get confused between commercial and theatrical headshots Los Angeles and asked about what is the difference and can the headshot be interchanged? To make the difference clear, let us also discuss their uses.

Commercial Headshots:

When you need headshots for the advertising industry, photographer will shoot commercial headshots. The main focus of this shot is to promote products in a specific region. Personality type in commercial headshots should be easily identifiable by the viewer in quick time, whether you are a car driver or a college student type.

  • Facial Expression: This expression includes smiling or non smiling face. For commercial headshot, smiling face is recommended. You want to see energy and charisma in your headshot. It should be engaging and relatable. The goal should be to capture natural smiles, not a plastered one.

  • Wardrobe: Generally, commercial headshots in LA should be warm and bright. It’s always better to wear a color that pops and draw attention in the shot without covering the actor. In case of dark clothing, always try to make the background brighter.

Theatrical Headshots:

Theatrical headshots Los Angeles is for actors who work on TV shows, films, play, etc. There is a narrow strip between both headshots and theatrical headshot shows more emotional depth than commercial headshots. In commercial headshot, trustworthy is important, so as to sell the desired product. On the other hand theatrical headshot, you are selling identifiable personality type, whether it’s trustworthy or not.

  • Facial Expression: Confident expression without a smile is the highlights of theatrical headshot, but the type of character you are going to play describe your expression. Sometimes a smirk or vulnerability behind the eyes can better describe your acting type. Most of the theatrical headshots are to feeling as grounded.

  • Wardrobe: The type of your character will determine your wardrobe in theatrical headshot in Los Angeles. You need to make adequate contrast ration between wardrobe, background and hair. It should not be dull; instead it should be subtle enough to give focus to the actor.